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Orlando Hair Restoration Center   II       422 South Alafaya Trail, Suite 32A Orlando Florida, 32828

Hair Clinic Orlando, Florida Hair Transplant, Hair Transplant Orlando Florida, Orlando Hair Restoration


Orlando Hair Restoration Center provides the most innovative, minimally invasive technique for hair transplant available. Our facility is located at 422 South Alafaya Trail Suite 32A in Orlando, Florida and provides patients with the highest standard of comfort, safety, and technology. Our doctors and staff are both thoroughly trained in NeoGraft, the first automated Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) technique for hair replacement in Orlando. Patients can receive NeoGraft in one of our comfortable and highly equipped procedure rooms. Orlando Hair Restoration Center can thicken your hair density at the crown of your head and fill a receding hairline and thinning eyebrows. NeoGraft’s automated FUE technique will transplant hair from the back of your head, where hair is the thickest, to the necessary treatment areas, but every patient’s treatment area and the exact treatment plan needed to restore hair to that area varies on an individual basis. The doctors and staff at Orlando Hair Restoration Center will discuss how hair replacement in Orlando can produce the best results for you during your initial consultation.


Dr. Roger Bassin is a board certified surgeon who specializes in eyelid and facial plastic surgery. He has been featured on Dr. Oz, Fox 35, and ABC News for the advanced, non-invasive cosmetic treatments he offers at his Florida practices. He also hosts many seminars to instruct other surgeons on the latest noninvasive techniques in plastic surgery. Our doctors and staff provide the most advanced, minimally invasive techniques for hair removal, so patients can enjoy thicker hair with less risk and less downtime compared to all other previous methods of hair replacement in Orlando. Our patients can feel confident that when they visit Orlando Hair Restoration Center that they are receiving the most effective hair transplant from experts who care.* You may contact us with any questions you may have about hair restoration in Orlando by requesting an appointment online or calling our Orlando, Florida Location @ 877.234.HAIR.

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